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Non-medical Mask

[Product name] N95 Mask
[Model and specification] N95 160mm×105mm
[Executive standard] GB2626-2006
[Raw material and proportion] non-woven fabric 44%, meltblown fabric 28%, hot air cotton 28%.
[Protection level]Filter for non oily particles ≥95%
[Structure and composition] The mask is composed of a mask body, a nose clip and a mask belt.

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[Product performance]
1. The mask should be equipped with a nose clip made of shapeable materials.
2. Mask belt should be convenient to wear.
3. The breaking strength at the connection point between each mask belt and the mask body should not be less than 10N.
[Scope of application] This product is worn by all kinds of people in production and life, covering the mouth, nose and jaw of users, to prevent PM2.5, dust, formaldehyde, automobile exhaust, industrial dust, bacteria and viruses directly through the provision of a protective barrier.

1. Pull the elastic band to the back of the ear, adjust the mask and elastic band to feel comfortable.
2. Cover the mask with your hands and exhale. If any gas leaks from the edge of the mask, adjust the mask again until no gas leaks.
3. Adjust the elastic belt to the comfortable position.
4. Adjust the bridge of nose to make the mask fit the bridge of nose and cheek closely.

[Precautions, warnings and tips]
1. Check the package before use. Do not use if the package is damaged.
2. Please confirm the validity of the product before use and use it within the validity period.
3. Accidentally soiled, please replace it in time.
4. Please stop using Immediately In case of abnormal condition such as skin discomfort or wear discomfort.
5. The product is Non-sterile.
6. This product is a non-medical device.

[Storage conditions and methods] Store in a room with relative humidity no more than 80% and temperature between -20℃ and 50℃, free of corrosive gas and well ventilated, and away from pollution sources.
[Service life] Three years since the production date

1. Allergic to the material of this product are prohibited to use.
2. For severe asthma and other severe respiratory disease.

[Explanation of graphics, symbols, abbreviations]

[Transportation conditions and methods] Use general means of transportation or transport in accordance with the contract; the product should be protected from heavy pressure, direct sunlight and rain and snow during transportation.
[Production date] Show box
[Manufacturer] ORICH Medical Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd
[Address of manufacturer] South Area, D block, No.16 Cuiming Road, YAT-SEN Scientific Industrial Park, TEDA, Tianjin.
[Contact] Telephone: +86 400-6850-899  
[Postal code] 301700
[Website] http:// www.orich.com.cn

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