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X-ray Radiography System

The Design That Match The Doctor's Using Habits BestEfficient Workflow And Convenient& Fast PositioningFour-Way

Bearing: 250kg

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 The DF-211H is a US-FDA approved X-ray System has following features-

      ※ High Frequency Inverter Type X-ray Generator
      ※ Rotating Anode with Dual Focus
      ※ System has Control Panel with KVp Control and Automatic mAs and KV Controller
      ※ System Shows Anatomic Program on TFT display
      ※ System has. Automatic Over Load Protection for X-ray Tube to Ensure Long life time
      ※ System has Line Voltage Compensator and Fine Adjustment Facilities
      ※ Stationary X-ray tube support is integrated with the System
      ※ X-ray tube movement is Fully Counter Balance
      ※ Tube movement is Easy and Comfortable to Handle in all directions
      ※ System has Light Beam Collimator with Variable Exhaust Fan According to APR
      ※ System has Fully Radiolucent table top which does not absorb x ray and free form stain as well as table top is water proof and break resistance facilities ensure additional safety.
      ※ Table bucky uses movable grid and aluminum being used as interspaced material
      ※ Bucky is capable to travel the entire length of the table
      ※ Material of cassette tray is stainless steel
      ※ Auto centering of cassette with locking facilities and capable to acccommodate cassette size from 8" by 10" to 14" by 17"

Generator Output Power: 50 kW, 65 kW or 80 Kw
High frequency output: 450kHz
kVp Range:  40-150 KV
mA Range: 10-630mA
Exposure Timer Range:  1 msec to 6.3 sec (up to 10 sec optional)
mAs Range (non-AEC): 630 mAs ( 1000 mAs range as an option)
Anatomical Programs (APR): yes
Options: AEC, DAP
Input Phase / Voltage:  3 phase, AC380V±10%, 50±1Hz

X-ray Tube
Nominal focal spot value: 0.6mm (small focus)/1.2mm (large forcus)
Rotation speed (min-1): [email protected], [email protected]
Maximum  tube voltage: 150kV
Maximum filament current: 500mA (small focus) / 1000mA(large focus)
Anode Heat Content: 400kHU
Max rating (0.1s) (kw): 22/[email protected], 23/[email protected]

Radiographic table Focal spot to tabletop/wall stand: 1100mm (min)
Stand Tube vertical travel range:≧750mm
Tube transverse travel range: ≧1250mm
Tube rotation around table column:  ±135°± 2°
Tube rotation about the horizontal axis:+180° to -180°, locked at each 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
Table Standard table top size: L2200mm×W785mm                                                               
Table height: 690mm
Table top travel, longitudinal:  1000mm (min)
Table top travel, transverse: 160mm (min)
Gird Size: 388mm×464mm (15"×18")
R=10:1, f=100cm, N=40 line/cm

Collimator Control method: Manual
Maximum X-ray field coverage range: 43cm*35cm
The average brightness of the light field: >150lux
Input power: 24V AC, 10A

Wall stand Minimum focal spot height: 800mm
Vertical height: 2000mm
Vertical travel range: 1000mm (min)
Film size: 8"×10",10"×12",11"×14",14"×14", 12"×15", 14"× 17"
Grid Size: 388mm×464mm (15"× 18")
R=10:1,  f=180cm, N=40 line/cm

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