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Compared with the use details of X-ray foreign body detector, the main characteristics are described in detail

The X-ray foreign body detector mainly uses mammography x ray supplier, integrated photoelectric technology, integrated computer, digital signal processing and other technologies to distinguish, extract and distinguish image information through vision and pattern recognition. zui finally realizes the processing of foreign bodies or missing products mixed in food.

With the penetration ability of X-ray foreign body detector, hard foreign bodies such as bones, plastics and various metal foreign bodies can be detected more sensitively and stably, helping you to improve the quality of finished products more effectively.  Not only can foreign matters in food be detected, including metals, glass, ceramics, stones, bones, plastics, etc.  Can also identify product defects, such as packaging cracks, bubbles, content defects, etc.;  Complete finished product inspection is realized.  X-ray foreign body detector is widely used in food industry.  The pharmaceutical industry;  Textile industry, integrated circuit board and other industrial industries.  Quality control in the food industry meets HACCP and IFS requirements to identify product defects, such as product breakage, product deformation or product missing, and eliminate potential product quality hazards.
Main Features of X-ray Foreign Body Detector;
1 There is no product effect, and the detection ability is not easy to be interfered by Emergency hospital x ray unit price.
2. The amount of X-ray leakage is small, which conforms to international standards and will not cause harm to operators.
3. The software has many functions such as product parameter storage, image storage, detection log storage and product quality evaluation management.
4. According to the different absorption effects of irregular foreign bodies on X-rays in different directions, multi-view X-ray sources ensure the detection degree of irregular foreign bodies.
5. In addition to the basic functions such as foreign body detection in software, it also has many auxiliary functions such as package defect detection, food defect detection and weight analysis.
6. The X-ray foreign body detector has a software self-learning function. Through the automatic software analysis of the tested object, the X-ray voltage and current parameters are adjusted to ensure the zui’s good detection accuracy.
7. The multi-view X-ray source is used to work synchronously. The product is irradiated simultaneously by one vertical and two horizontal radiation sources. zui covers the whole area to a large extent, avoiding blind areas and improving the possibility of detection.
8. The software of X-ray foreign body detector based on Windows is developed, which realizes parameter setting control and mechanical control of X-ray foreign body detection and fast foreign body detection algorithm of X-ray image.  The man-machine interface is friendly.

9. For foreign bodies are often close to the edge and bottom of the product or package, the self-use area shielding technology is adopted for each angle light source of the multi-view X foreign body detector to carry out targeted inspection on foreign bodies at the edge to avoid false inspection.
10. The X-ray foreign body detector adopts high-speed video Cam eraLink interface protocol, which enables the transmission speed of zui large image to reach 1.6Gbps, ensuring the system has good real-time performance in high-speed detection.  In addition, the use of radiography x-ray system company enhances the generality and expansibility of the detection system.
11. The functions of the X-ray camera, the drive of the X-ray linear array detector, the acquisition and transmission of image data, and the image preprocessing algorithm are all implemented on the single chip FPGA by adopting a highly integrated pure digital solution.  Zui greatly simplifies the structure of the system, improves the reliability of the system, reduces the failure rate of equipment, and is more reliable, stable and maintenance-biased.