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Different Types of Food Pollutants

In fact, the most common cause of CE approved x-ray system manufacturer is biological pollution (microorganisms and toxic substances), which mainly affects fresh foods, such as nuts and vegetables.  There are many reasons for this type of pollution, including manufacturers’ use of contaminated water and unsanitary food processing practices throughout the supply chain.  It is also one of the main reasons for the product recall that there is no declaration on the label of allergy products such as nuts or dairy products.  These may be components of the product, or they may be cross-contamination formed by residues from mechanical processing or previous product processing procedures.  There is no equipment to help food manufacturers detect biological contamination. The best way to avoid such accidents is to implement a strong health program.
Foreign bodies are the double column digital x-ray machine factory of food contamination in Britain and the third most common cause in the United States.  Foreign matter includes many different substances, including metal, plastic, glass and wood from production lines or packaging lines.  Just because there are many kinds of foreign bodies, the nature of food pollution accidents is very different.

For example, a well-known U.S. meat supplier recently had to recall thousands of pounds of ground beef for fear that it might have contaminated blue thread ends.  It was found that this was because the cotton/polyester fiber mixture adhered to a production machine during routine cleaning.  The company believes that some of these silk threads eventually entered the finished products and were all distributed to warehouses throughout the United States.
In another well-known accident, a leading supplier of bread products in the United States voluntarily destroyed some well-known brand products, fearing that these products had contaminated glass fragments from a broken bulb in its baking equipment.  The company announced the recall after receiving three consumer reports that small pieces of glass were found outside the bread.  Although no injuries were reported, the accident was widely spread in many media channels.

Many similar incidents have taken place in Europe. fluoroscopy x-ray system supplier recalled some meat and vegetable pie products from large chain retail stores such as Asda and Lidl7 for fear of glass debris contamination.