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FS-500D DR UC-Arm Digital Radiology System

FS-500D DR
UC-Arm Digital Radiology System
• All general radiographic applications can be met.
• The UC arm maintains constant alignment between the x-ray tube and image receptor, regardless of tilt position or image receptor angle.
• The extraordinary flexibility of these systems makes them ideal for all radiographic procedures including sitting, erect and recumbent position.
• High quality image and high frequency workflow are at hand.
• PACS, HIS and RIS service are available.

Principle of metal detector

Metal detectors use the principle of 300mA DR x-ray system manufacturer and coils through which alternating current passes to generate rapidly changing magnetic fields.  This magnetic field can induce eddy currents inside metal objects.  Eddy current will generate a mobile x ray unit company, which in turn will affect the original magnetic field, causing the detector to sound.  The accuracy and reliability of the metal detector depend on the stability of the frequency of the electromagnetic transmitter, and a working frequency of 80 to 800 kHz is generally used.  The lower the working frequency, the better the dental x-ray unit price of iron;  The higher the working frequency, the better the detection performance for high carbon steel.  The sensitivity of the detector decreases with the increase of the detection range, and the magnitude of the induced signal depends on the size of the metal particles and the conductivity.