Portable X-ray Machine Guarantees Passenger Safety

With the development of the times, DR x-ray unit price have begun to use high-tech means of transportation, such as subways.  In order to ensure the safety of these vehicles, we need to carry out strict X-ray examination.  Protect the privacy of passengers and staff, except under special circumstances.  Passengers should not open the package for inspection.

As the name implies, passengers can quickly determine whether they are carrying metal products through the door.  The alarm went off when the door touched the metal.  Then, security personnel have the right to request passengers to conduct a detailed search.  Check and inspect to ensure the safe transportation of metal products.
We understand that the troubles of digital radiography x ray device price are constantly updated and upgraded, and the troubles of high sensitivity and fast response will not impose any workload on safety and impact.  Most of the time, the security personnel can find the metal tableware from the passengers when the security door reminds them.
Therefore, many public places rely on safety gates for safety inspection, which is safe and reliable.  Therefore, safety has become an important part of public transportation.  In order to ensure the safety of public transportation, safe use has become necessary.  At present, many cities in China use foreign advanced technology to manage access control, and then complete production in China.
With the increase of China’s national security, UC Arm digital x ray unit company will start new troubles, independently develop and realize the influence of technology and localization of production as soon as possible.  Safety gates have become safety devices for subway transportation to ensure the safety of passengers.  Manufacturers of portable X-ray machines have been working hard.


How can the danger of physical pollutants in food be prevented?

In the field of food safety, physical pollutants are the first and most important problem.  If metal, bone, plastic, glass fragments or any other foreign matter are allowed to enter the food supply chain, serious damage may result.  This is a major consideration for food manufacturers and X C Arm x-ray system supplier as they strive to ensure that pollution does not occur.

This is not just a matter of consumer health protection.  Product recall due to physical pollution is also a great reputation risk.  Food safety incidents will make national and international headlines. A widely spread accident may destroy a brand in a very short time.  In addition, there are more specific financial impacts: product recalls caused by physical pollution may cost tens of millions of yuan. If the company is found to have violated health and safety regulations, it may face huge fines.  In a word, physical pollution in food must be avoided at all costs.  However, we are still surprised to see that the pollution situation is continuously increasing.  Swiss Re’s report Globalized Food Safety1 shows that the number of products recalled in the United States in 2015 and the costs associated with these recalls have almost doubled since 2002.

More than half of the food recalls in the United States cost more than $10 million.  Some companies have lost more than $100 million in direct costs.  Moreover, according to a latest food recall strategy report released by Emerald Insight2, recalls usually trigger interlocking effects of the entire supply chain and industry ecology.  The situation is similar in other major markets.  Reports from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the Scottish Food Standards Agency (FSS) show that food safety incidents caused by foreign body pollution in the UK in 2016/173 increased by 7% compared with the previous year.

The increase in the frequency of such food safety incidents may be attributed to several main factors, in addition to a longer supply chain, a longer and more complex food production environment and more reporting methods.  Obviously, the increase in the number of such accidents is definitely a trend that double column digital x ray system company and processors have to reverse.

How can the danger of physical pollutants in food be prevented?

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the quality and safety of people’s food and daily use of industrial products also have higher requirements, and the state has correspondingly formulated strict safety inspection regulations and laws.  In order to better meet the relevant requirements and improve the detection level, the X-ray foreign body detector has also developed from the original single-view detection technology to a new multi-view detection technology, so as to provide more choices for customers with different needs.

With the penetration ability of X-ray foreign body detector, hard foreign bodies such as bones, plastics and various metal foreign bodies can be detected with higher sensitivity and stability, helping you to improve the quality of finished products more effectively.  Not only can foreign matters in foods (such as various meat products, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, additives, milk powder, chocolate, etc.) be detected, including metals, glass, ceramics, stones, bones, plastics, etc.;  Can also identify product defects, such as packaging cracks, bubbles, content defects, etc.;  Complete finished 30kw mobile x-ray device factory is realized.  X-ray foreign body detector is widely used in food industry.  The pharmaceutical industry;  Textile industry, integrated circuit board and other industrial industries.  Quality control in the food industry meets HACCP and IFS requirements to identify product defects, such as product breakage, product deformation or product missing, and eliminate potential product quality hazards.

Detection Technology and Preventive Measures of Physical Pollutants

Fortunately, the development of product inspection technology has enabled UC ARM DR 50kw x-ray machine company to be detected now.  In a fast moving production line, metal, glass, high density plastic, ore, calcified bone and rubber contaminants can be easily found using equipment such as metal detectors and X-ray foreign body detector detection systems.  The accuracy of such equipment will be affected by many factors.  These factors may include the size and location of the contaminant, the density of the contaminant relative to the product to be tested, and the type of product packaging material used.

The type of food itself is also an important factor.  In many food production processes, raw materials arrive in liquid, pasty and pasty forms, and are mixed and blended after being pumped through a pipeline system.  There are many advantages in detecting pollutants in such foreign raw materials early in the 4kw x-ray device supplier.  Liquid, paste and paste are usually more homogeneous and easier to detect.  Pollutants are also larger and easier to find.  Early detection will also protect expensive processing equipment from further damage downstream;  And will eliminate pollutants before adding other production values, minimizing waste.

When detecting the pollution in unpackaged bulk materials and loose granular products, both the detection technology installed on the horizontal conveyor and the detection technology located at the gravity drop of products before processing or packaging are efficient ways to remove pollutants.  Typical bulk products that can use such detection methods include sugar, flour, grains, corn and beans;  Dehydrated fruits, nuts and vegetables;  Snacks and candy;  Meat, poultry, fish and seafood.  After processing and packaging are completed, the final product inspection at the end of the production line is the last line of defense to detect any foreign matter contamination before the product is transported to retailers and supermarkets.  In this environment, the type of 400mA DR x-ray machine factory and the type of potential pollution determine the type of product inspection system that should be used.

Different Types of Food Pollutants

In fact, the most common cause of food recall is X 200mA DR x ray system factory (microorganisms and toxic substances), which mainly affects fresh foods, such as nuts and vegetables. There are many reasons for this type of pollution, including manufacturers’ use of contaminated water and unsanitary food processing practices throughout the supply chain. It is also one of the main reasons for the product recall that there is no declaration on the label of allergy products such as nuts or dairy products. These may be components of the product, or they may be cross-contamination formed by residues from mechanical processing or previous product processing procedures. There is no equipment to help food manufacturers detect biological contamination. The best way to avoid such accidents is to implement a strong health program.

Foreign bodies are the second most common cause of food contamination in Britain and the third most common cause in the United States. Foreign matter includes many different substances, including metal, plastic, glass and wood from production lines or packaging lines. Just because there are many kinds of foreign bodies, the nature of food pollution accidents is very different.

For example, a well-known U.S. meat supplier recently had to recall thousands of digital radiography x-ray system manufacturer for fear that it might have contaminated blue thread ends. It was found that this was because the cotton/polyester fiber mixture adhered to a production machine during routine cleaning. The company believes that some of these silk threads eventually entered the finished products and were all distributed to warehouses throughout the United States.

In another well-known accident, 500mA DR x ray system manufacturer of bread products in the United States voluntarily destroyed some well-known brand products, fearing that these products had contaminated glass fragments from a broken bulb in its baking equipment. The company announced the recall after receiving three consumer reports that small pieces of glass were found outside the bread. Although no injuries were reported, the accident was widely spread in many media channels.

Many similar incidents have taken place in Europe. A British bakery supplier recalled some meat and vegetable pie products from large chain retail stores such as Asda and Lidl7 due to concerns about glass debris contamination.

Pay attention to the use of food X-ray machine

Food X-ray machine, also known as RF machine x-ray unit factory, or X-ray foreign body detector. It generates X-rays through equipment, and uses X-ray penetrability to detect metallic foreign bodies mixed in products and nonmetallic foreign bodies with high density. In addition, the food X-ray machine can also carry out product defect detection, package damage detection and weight detection. Widely used in food, medicine, textile, integrated circuit board and other industries. Quality control in the food industry meets HACCP and IFS requirements, identifies product defects such as product damage, product deformation or product loss, and eliminates product quality risks. Principle of Food X-ray Machine: It mainly uses the penetration of X-ray, the collection of photoelectric technology, the integration of computer, digital signal processing and other technologies to distinguish, extract and distinguish image information through vision and pattern recognition, and finally zui realizes foreign body processing.
Not only can foreign matters in foods (such as various meat products, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, additives, milk powder, chocolate, etc.) be detected, including metals, glass, ceramics, stones, bones, plastics, etc.; Can also identify product defects, such as packaging cracks, bubbles, content defects, etc.; Complete finished product inspection is realized.
Precautions for Use of Food X-ray Machine
1. Check whether the lock on the operating table is damaged by unauthorized persons.
2. Check that all shells of the machine have been covered, and check whether the power socket of the equipment is reliably grounded.
3. Any equipment that generates X-rays is harmful. Digital X-ray machines must be taken seriously. When the X-ray lamp is on, the types of X-ray machines and any parts of the body cannot enter the examination room.
4. Any debugging and maintenance of the machine must be operated by professional and technical personnel. Without permission, it is not allowed to modify or add any accessories and X-ray machines without permission.
5. Do not stand or sit on the conveyor belt while it is running. Do not touch the edges and rollers at both ends of the conveyor belt with your hands. When x-ray system for hospital price does not move or stops when walking, it should immediately check whether the roller and conveyor belt slip or jam, otherwise it will burn out the electric drum.
6. Please use this machine to mark the voltage. To prevent leakage, please connect the leakage protector before connecting to the power supply.
7. Water cups and food are forbidden to be placed on the console and the machine. The X-ray machine will detect that the liquid permeates into the machine and will cause short circuit.
8. When the operating environment temperature of 630mA DR x-ray system company is lower than 5 degrees Celsius, the machine shall be started up and preheated 30 minutes in advance. Water stains and ice cubes on the luggage shall be removed before the luggage passes.
9. When the machine is not used for a long time, it should be moved to a dry and ventilated place for storage.

Principle of metal detector

Metal detectors use the principle of 300mA DR x-ray system manufacturer and coils through which alternating current passes to generate rapidly changing magnetic fields.  This magnetic field can induce eddy currents inside metal objects.  Eddy current will generate a mobile x ray unit company, which in turn will affect the original magnetic field, causing the detector to sound.  The accuracy and reliability of the metal detector depend on the stability of the frequency of the electromagnetic transmitter, and a working frequency of 80 to 800 kHz is generally used.  The lower the working frequency, the better the dental x-ray unit price of iron;  The higher the working frequency, the better the detection performance for high carbon steel.  The sensitivity of the detector decreases with the increase of the detection range, and the magnitude of the induced signal depends on the size of the metal particles and the conductivity.

How much is a second-hand medical X-ray machine worth 200 milliamperes

The better x ray system for imaging center manufacturer ones cost 4,000 to 5,000 dollars.  But this basic hospital is now eliminated.  However, the dental x ray factory is still acceptable. After all, the price is very affordable and the quality is also acceptable.

What kind of examination are X-ray, CT, B-ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance respectively used for?

For X-ray, CT, B-ultrasound, MRI, these commonly used imaging examinations, many people can not distinguish clearly. Now, Xiao Bian compares the body to food and tells you intuitively how these tests play different roles.
X-ray: It’s like squashing bread
X-rays will pass through the human body and will not be exposed on the negative when they encounter the blocked part. After the film is developed, this part will be white. Like a piece of bread or a piece of cotton, you can’t see the fiber texture inside, but it will be clearer if you press it down with your hand. The biggest disadvantage of X-ray is that the images of deep and shallow tissues overlap and hide from each other, which sometimes requires multiple multi-angle X-ray films.
High Frequency Digital X-ray Diagnostic System
CT: Look like slicing bread
The principle of CT examination is that X-rays pass through the human body in layers, and then are computed by a computer for secondary imaging, just like cutting a piece of bread into slices. The advantage is that it can be seen in layers and more organizational information can be displayed after calculation.

B ultrasound: like picking watermelons, knock before picking them.
The principle of B-ultrasound is to use ultrasonic waves to penetrate the human body. When the sound waves meet the human body tissue, they will generate reflected waves, which are imaged by calculation. Just like picking watermelons, one needs to knock first before judging the situation.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Shake and See
The magnetic resonance machine uses a relatively strong magnetic field to make the magnetic field lines of all water molecules in the human body in the same direction. At this moment, the magnetic field of the magnetic resonance machine suddenly disappears, and the magnetic field lines of water molecules in the human body suddenly return to the original randomly arranged state. Repeated application of magnetic field suddenly disappeared, and the MRI opportunity obtained sufficient data and imaged after calculation. Simply put, it is equivalent to shaking the water molecules by hand, making them vibrate, then calm down and feel the vibration inside. Therefore, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is also said to be a “shaking examination”.
Radiology and fluoroscopy medical x-ray manufacturer
What kind of examination are the four imaging methods applied to? When seeing a doctor, doctors often issue various imaging checkups: ultrasound, CT, MRI … Many patients will question the doctor’s intention to issue expensive checkups. In fact, doctors choose different imaging examinations according to different conditions.

1. Traumatic bone-Take a rough look at the X-ray film and examine various CT traumas. If you suspect that a bone has been injured, give priority to the X-ray film. The examination results are quick and easy to obtain. For further observation, CT can be selected. Ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance can’t clearly see the bone cortex and medulla, so they are generally not selected.

2. Cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra-MRI is the best choice, CT is the second choice, cervical spondylosis, lumbar intervertebral disc herniation and other diseases need to observe intervertebral disc and corresponding nerve roots. To better observe these soft tissues, MRI is the best choice. Similarly, MRI is also the first choice for joint, muscle and adipose tissue examination.

3. Chest-A rough look at the X-ray film and a close look at the CT X-ray film can roughly check the heart, aorta, lung, pleura, ribs, etc. It can also check for increased lung texture, pulmonary calcification, aortic calcification, etc. Chest CT examination shows a clearer structure, and its sensitivity and accuracy in detecting chest lesions are better than conventional chest X-ray films, especially for the early diagnosis of lung cancer. However, the radiation dose of CT examination is higher than that of X-ray. Nuclear magnetic resonance is very limited in the diagnosis of lung diseases.

4. Abdominal Pelvic Cavity-Except intestinal tract, general ultrasound can check that abdominal organs are greatly affected by respiration, thus affecting CT and MRI, while ultrasound will not be affected. At the same time, ultrasound has high diagnostic accuracy for liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney, pelvic organs, etc. However, ultrasound is greatly disturbed by gas. For organs with more gas, such as intestinal tract, the accuracy of ultrasound diagnosis will decrease.

5. Heart-CT is used to exclude coronary heart disease, and conventional cardiac structure and function examination is used to check cardiac function. The information provided by cardiac color Doppler ultrasound is sufficient and simple. Coronary artery can be examined by CT, but coronary artery CT examination has a large amount of radiation and is not suitable for routine physical examination. Although nuclear magnetic resonance has no electromagnetic radiation, the observation of coronary artery is not as good as CT. Cardiac MRI is the “gold standard” for evaluating the structure and function of the heart.

The characteristics, guiding work and main function description of X-ray foreign body detector

The main feature of X-ray foreign body detector is that it uses multi-view X-ray light sources to work synchronously, and one vertical light source and two horizontal light sources illuminate the product at the same time. zui covers the whole area to a large extent, avoiding blind areas and improving the possibility of detection. In view of the different absorption effects of irregular foreign bodies on X-rays in different directions, multi-view X-ray sources ensure the detection degree of irregular foreign bodies.
For foreign bodies are often close to the edge and bottom of the product or package, the self-use area shielding technology is adopted for each angle light source of the multi-view X-ray foreign body detector to carry out targeted inspection on foreign bodies at the edge to avoid false inspection. The functions of the X-ray foreign body detector, the driving of the X-ray array detector, the acquisition and transmission of image data, and the image preprocessing algorithm are all implemented on the single chip FPGA by adopting a highly integrated pure digital solution. Zui greatly simplifies the structure of the system, improves the reliability of the system, reduces the failure rate of equipment, and is more reliable, stable and maintenance-biased.

The X-ray foreign body detector adopts high-speed video Cam eraLink interface protocol, which enables zui large image transmission speed to reach 1.6Gbps, ensuring the system has good real-time performance in high-speed detection. In addition, the use of Cam eraLink image acquisition card greatly enhances the generality and expansibility of the detection system. The software of X-ray foreign body detection based on Windows is developed. The parameter setting control and mechanical control of X-ray foreign body detector and the fast foreign body detection algorithm of X-ray image are realized. The man-machine interface is friendly.
Floor-Rail Digital Radiography System
Main Functions of X-ray Foreign Body Detector System

1. The laser night vision inspection equipment can provide high-definition Zhejiang optical video images required for runway surface foreign matters and surrounding environment monitoring during daytime, night and foggy days.

2. Thermal imaging is used to analyze the characteristics of foreign bodies in detail. It can automatically focus and enlarge the image of foreign bodies for identification.

3, automatic inspection function; Through setting the preset position function to scan the angle of the monitored runway pavement, real-time dynamic monitoring and detection are carried out.

4. The X-ray foreign body detector has tracking and monitoring functions for objects and moving targets suddenly added on the runway.

5, target recognition and classification function.