May, 2019

The characteristics, guiding work and main function description of X-ray foreign body detector

The main feature of X-ray foreign body detector is that it uses multi-view X-ray light sources to work synchronously, and one vertical light source and two horizontal light sources illuminate the product at the same time. zui covers the whole area to a large extent, avoiding blind areas and improving the possibility of detection. In view of the different absorption effects of irregular foreign bodies on X-rays in different directions, multi-view X-ray sources ensure the detection degree of irregular foreign bodies.
For foreign bodies are often close to the edge and bottom of the product or package, the self-use area shielding technology is adopted for each angle light source of the multi-view X-ray foreign body detector to carry out targeted inspection on foreign bodies at the edge to avoid false inspection. The functions of the X-ray foreign body detector, the driving of the X-ray array detector, the acquisition and transmission of image data, and the image preprocessing algorithm are all implemented on the single chip FPGA by adopting a highly integrated pure digital solution. Zui greatly simplifies the structure of the system, improves the reliability of the system, reduces the failure rate of equipment, and is more reliable, stable and maintenance-biased.

The X-ray foreign body detector adopts high-speed video Cam eraLink interface protocol, which enables zui large image transmission speed to reach 1.6Gbps, ensuring the system has good real-time performance in high-speed detection. In addition, the use of Cam eraLink image acquisition card greatly enhances the generality and expansibility of the detection system. The software of X-ray foreign body detection based on Windows is developed. The parameter setting control and mechanical control of X-ray foreign body detector and the fast foreign body detection algorithm of X-ray image are realized. The man-machine interface is friendly.
Floor-Rail Digital Radiography System
Main Functions of X-ray Foreign Body Detector System

1. The laser night vision inspection equipment can provide high-definition Zhejiang optical video images required for runway surface foreign matters and surrounding environment monitoring during daytime, night and foggy days.

2. Thermal imaging is used to analyze the characteristics of foreign bodies in detail. It can automatically focus and enlarge the image of foreign bodies for identification.

3, automatic inspection function; Through setting the preset position function to scan the angle of the monitored runway pavement, real-time dynamic monitoring and detection are carried out.

4. The X-ray foreign body detector has tracking and monitoring functions for objects and moving targets suddenly added on the runway.

5, target recognition and classification function.